Monday, November 17, 2008

Friday night I invited my artist friends over for a critique to my studio. They brought their paintings so that we all could discuss their work.  But first we had a Mexican dinner at our home and then went to the studio for the critique. The photo below shows us sitting around and discussing the paintings. From left to right: Me,  my son Andrew, my friends Vie,  Steve, Heidi, Cliff, Sandra, Daniel, and Ric. Not shown is my wife Beverly and my son Adolph. They are the one's taking the photos.  
We all had a great time and fun talking about our paintings. We joked as well as were serious about what we critiqued. We all learned a little something that needed to be said about our work. We all agreed to meet again very soon when we have some new paintings to share and critique. This is all very beneficial to develop and improve our work.  
My artist friends looking over a painting on the easel.

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